The Big Heart Experience


At Big Heart Ranch, we offer boarding for both long-term and short term lay-ups and help horses through their recuperative therapies. We know that sometimes a busy show barn is not the right place for your horse to be when he/she is suffering through a debilitating injury or medical diagnosis. Our small hands-on ranch offers a quiet respite and gentle hands to help restore your horse to good health.Over our numerous years with horses we have dealt with a variety of medical situations and medical maladies, many with good outcomes. And when medical intervention is futile, we are there to provide compassionate care and arrange for humane euthanasia with dignified burial on the grounds.

Care for Sick Horses

We are all about doing what is best for the horse. In the course of the many years I have owned and cared for horses, we have seen, treated and learned from experience with:
thrush, hoof abscesses, choke, ulcers, white line disease, moon blindness (uveitis), laminitis, hock injuries, scratches, infections, guttural pouch disease, arthritis, leg lacerations, rain rot, bowed tendons, colic and more.
Everyday we learn something new and we are happy to work with qualified veterinarians to diagnosis, treat and heal the beloved equines that come to stay at Big Heart Ranch.


If your horse is in need of physical therapies, we are there to soak feet, change pressure wraps, administer medication, provide hand-walking or small paddock space, apply medications, change dressings, feed supplements, provide hydro-therapy or whatever else the Vet may recommend for wellness and medical treatment.All horses who board with us are checked several times a day and are isolated the moment we discover any unusual circumstances that would indicate illness or injury. We work cooperatively with local veterinarians to diagnosis, treat and provide quality follow-up care. You can rest assured that if your horse is boarded with us, we pay attention to detail and keep you posted every step of the way. We work with you and the Vet to provide the care you desire for your horse.